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Terms of use was created to illustrate beyond words the importance and diversity of the wildlife, natural areas and indigenous residents that make the tropical rainforests of Malaysia and Borneo unique.  Visitors are welcome to look through the images and enjoy the fragile splendour of these precious habitats and communities.

Photographs on this site are available for commercial use as stock footage or purchased as high quality prints, but they may not be used in any way without the express or written permission of the photographer. These photos are the sole legal property of Andy Paul © and the unpermitted downloading or copying of images with or without commercial intent is strictly prohibited. Copyright violators will be prosecuted in order to protect the intellectual property rights of these images and the photographer.

While these photos are available for public perusal, they are not public property.  If you would like to use or purchase any of these photographs, send an email to Andy Paul and licensing details will be forwarded to you. Some images may be available for free for non-profit organisations but an enquiry needs to be made for details and terms and conditions of use.

Thank you for taking the time to look into the gentle unseen world of Peninsular Malaysia and Borneo.