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This ethnic tribe are the same as the Lu...
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Image #: DSC_4369-10001
Location: Krayan, Indonesia
Description: This ethnic tribe are the same as the Lun Bawang of Sarawak. In the neighbouring state of Sabah and Krayan valley in Kalimantan, they are better known as Lundayeh or Lun Daye. Once, a tribe practicing animism (adat) and regarded as fierce headhunters, they are now predominantly of the Christian faith and are a friendly, hospitable and soft spoken people. During their ancestors time, menfolk adorned themselves with jackets made out of tree barks called kuyu talun and carried a long machete called pelepet which was used in tribal wars, like the one Tinus Tangut has here. Beside him is his wife, Norhayati Surang.