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The indigenous Penans use a simple but e...
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Image #: DSC_60001
Location: Long Kevok, Sarawak
Description: The indigenous Penans use a simple but effective way to communicate with one another when trekking or hunting in the forest. They leave behind trails and markings made of sticks, pebbles and leaves tied up with vines. They call it 'surat Penan' (Penan letter). An elderly Penan interpreted the one featured here. From right to left of the image, the 2 small pieces of cut sticks represent 2 fellow Penans (or friends) up ahead. The middle twig tied by vine means the messenger wants the reader to 'go to their camp fast'. The main long stick means 'use the straight path, do not turn left or right. Camp is not far. Light up the charred wood attached at the end of the stick as a torch to help find your way to our camp'.