Tuesday, February 07 2023
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A Penan and his dog going hunting in the...
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Image #: DSC_3409-10001
Location: Long Benali, Sarawak
Description: A Penan and his dog going hunting in the rainforest. Many Penan bring their dogs along when hunting for bigger game, especially wildboar. So well trained are their hunting dogs, that hunter and dogs go their separate ways for hours. When the dogs pick up a scent, tracks down and surrounds a boar, they bark continuously until the hunter arrives and finishes off the wildboar with a spear. Penan and other indigenous hunters in Borneo are very attached to their dogs. Its not uncommon to see Penan hunting dogs literally with holes in their bodies from being gored by wildboars but still very active and excited to follow their owners for hunts. Penans take extremely good care of their dogs and treat them like family.