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Damin, a Penan from Long Belok returns t...
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Image #: DSC_0173-30001
Location: Long Belok, Sarawak
Description: Damin, a Penan from Long Belok returns to his village after a hunt. The Penan tribe use two kinds of blowpipe (keleput), one is short (like the one Damin is using here) and another is a much longer one. Usage depends on the distance between the hunter and animal. This traditional hunting weapon is made from one solid piece of hardwood. The Penans choice is kayu belian (ironwood). A metal spear is attached to the tip of the blowpipe. The hunter uses it to finish off wounded animals and also to defend themselves from larger animals such as sunbears and wildboars. (This image appeared on the cover of the Malaysian Naturalist magazine, 2008 Vol 62-2)