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About Andy Paul


Andy spent his childhood years in Jelebu, Negri Sembilan, happily immersed in an idyllic kampung environment.  Among his friends at the time were the Temuan Orang Asal, from whom he learnt to respect wildlife and the environment. His late great-grandmother and grandmother, Mdm Josephine and Mdm Wong Siow Chin were 2 other influential people in his young life. 

Andy does not simply drop in and out of the lives of those he meets in the depths of the forests. He lives with them to experience their every day and to truly understand their culture and traditions. He bonds with his subjects and they return the sincerity with authentic Orang Asal hospitality – accepting him as friend and family.

Today he immortalises his friends in print, showcases their natural heritage in photos and shares their world with anyone willing to see and listen. A Penan elder strengthened his resolve, telling him, “take our lives and our world, put it in that black thing you carry around your neck [his camera], take it back to your world and show it to your people… tell them our story”. 

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Andy’s photographs have appeared in a multitude of publications – from nature and travel magazines and periodicals, newspapers and books to billboards, calendars and postcards. Apart from assembling a library of photos for stock and print, he hopes that his website will illustrate the importance and diversity of the wildlife, natural areas and indigenous residents that make the tropical rainforests of Malaysia and Borneo so unique.  

Many voices speak, argue and even yell over environmental issues, wildlife conservation and native rights, but it is the silent imagery of a stunning landscape, the soulful stare of an Orang Asal child or the minute detail of Mother Nature that grabs the attention and supersedes the babble.

The Photographs

All the wildlife and indigenous people featured in these photographs were taken in their own environment or in the wild. There was no manipulation of the subjects, their behaviour or their surroundings. None of the photographs are of animals in captivity. Very minimal editing (cropping and adjustments for contrast and brightness only) has been used.   

Variations in monitor calibration may result in a difference between actual photographs and how they appear on your screen. While the application of the relevant hardware and software to accurately calibrate your monitor is strongly recommended, the brightness and contrast of your screen can also be adjusted manually. Simply ensure that 15 distinct shades of grey can be seen in the pattern below.  



This website is dedicated to every indigenous tribe that Andy Paul has ever had the privilege of meeting in his travels. It has also been created in honour of every individual who tirelessly does their part – no matter how big or small – in supporting the beautiful Orang Asal, protecting their lives, world and wildlife.