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Date:  19-06-2016 8:06:50 AM
Name:  P Thomas Simon
Hi Andy, Got this book at Lee Photo when you were there at the same time. I just finished reading this great book of yours today. Its fascinating and really an eye opener on the variety we have in Malaysia. Look forward to your new book on birds only. Cheers

Date:  23-05-2016 7:16:47 PM
Name:  g. connor
Just got a copy of your book. Must have taken you forever to get those amazing insects. Very well documented. Keep up the great work, Andy!

Date:  25-02-2016 11:52:22 PM
Name:  Rob lowe
Had a really great time at the owl house, got to photograph alot of insects and birds some quite rare ones too spotted with the help of my guide. Thanks again andy + family.

Date:  08-01-2016 6:04:27 PM
Name:  ade winda
Email:  kampus@st3telkom.ac.id
Web:  http://st3telkom.ac.id
hellooo , I am very happy to visit this website , but it is very dark in color

Date:  26-12-2015 3:48:35 PM
Name:  Kapten Redeye

Date:  30-04-2015 1:00:14 AM
Name:  Samuel Ong
Email:  samuel.ong@gmail.com
Beautiful. Keep up the good work. Hope I can travel with you one day.

Date:  24-04-2015 2:47:58 AM
Name:  Azman S
Email:  azman.s2008@gmail.com
Hai Andy, congratulations for your excellent job, very nice photos. Just ctc me via this email for any info on cicada.

Date:  20-01-2015 6:25:40 PM
Name:  Along Genting
Tahniah Andy kerana berjaya menghasilkan buku yg bagus! Bukan saja mengenai burung, tetapi serangga, tumbuhan, ular, katak dan kehidupan peribumi. Shabas Andy. Teruskan usaha murni ni untuk tetepkan jenderasikita seterusnya.

Date:  02-01-2015 10:41:18 PM
Name:  George Shankar
Email:  shankar.george@gmail.com
Dear Andy, I think we met a month or so ago in Sabah, whilst you were staying at Lupa Masa. My girlfriend (Becka) and I were there at the same time as you and your stories and photos made quite an impression on both of us. Becka really took on board what you and Stephen told her and she's giving photography a more serious look-in now. I thought it would be nice to get her your book as a late Christmas present so I was wondering where I'd be able to buy it in the UK (or whether I can). Hope all is well and have a happy Christmas, George

Date:  07-12-2014 2:40:47 AM
Name:  ville bernard
Email:  bernard.liberte1@orange.fr
merci pour votre livre dédicacé en octobre lors de ma visite en Malaisie , splendide ouvrage et des photos exceptionnelles bonne continuation Andy cordialement bernard

Date:  28-11-2014 8:29:32 AM
Name:  hunter
Email:  thashwiniopera@yahoo.com.my
Never have I seen such beautiful pictures. Please continue your wonderful work here in Malaysia. There are so many other amazingly fantastic places here that you need to go!

Date:  27-11-2014 7:07:19 PM
Name:  Mary Ooi Yap
Email:  mary_3_ooi@hotmail.com
Hi Andy. Your book provides a very interesting read and fantastic photos. I am sure you have spent hundreds or thousand of hours before this book is out. Great work!

Date:  07-11-2014 10:44:19 PM
Name:  makchik from Hong Kong
Email:  betsymay2013@gmail.com
Hi Andy, how goes the second book?

Date:  28-10-2014 11:10:30 PM
Name:  Koon Rho
With all our love from Digital SLR Photography and Aperture magazine, Keep up the good work and continue to preserve God's creation!

Date:  27-10-2014 7:17:32 PM
Name:  Paul Sochaczewski
Email:  pauls@iprolink.ch
Web:  www.sochaczewski.com
Dear Andy Paul, Thank you for posting your photos. I also appreciate your human approach to travel (and to life?). I'm an American, Switzerland-based writer; most of my books and articles have an Asian theme (can I invite you to visit my website: www.sochaczewski.com ) I'm planning a trip to Sarawak in November/December (where I lived in 1969-71 and return regularly) and was interested to see that you visited Long Belok. I'm interested in their pre-school program; I think education is important in helping the Penan. Anyway, if you have a moment I'd be pleased to discuss further. I could explain a bit more about my current book project. With best wishes

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